Friday, 19 June 2015

Fastening Timbers

The first 'batch' of timbers bent and clamped in place were left until I could get back to the shed with a helper to 'back up' I.e. Hold the 'dolly' on the nail heads as I fit roves and do the riveting. I was going to rely on an old buddy and partner in various trad boat projects but he suddenly and unexpectedly passed away at the end of March which was a sad loss.  He has left me with another project ( a 25' ex. Admiralty launch to continue restoring alone and about which will be the subject of future posts) but without help for fastening where it takes two. For the planking repairs I have been able to reach and hold the dolly as I work inside but to do the timbers needs two and I have had to press-gang various people in to helping me with the job which has slowed progress.
Back to the fastening: once cool and dry the timbers retain their shape so can be un clamped and positioned as accurately as possible. I needed to use the existing fastening holes through the lands so had to mark and hold the timber in place whilst drilling through from the outside. We started at the hog and worked up each timber towards the sheer pulling the frame in tight to the lands.
First set of mid ships frames fastened