Friday, 2 October 2015

Fitting thwarts and preparing the inwale

After fitting and fastening new stringers the mid ships and forward thwarts were re-fitted and a new after thwart made from hardwood and given a beaded edge to match the other two. The thwart knees are basic bent angle brackets but neatly made and were galvanised.  Ideally they should have been re-dipped but I gave them a good clean up and a few coats of 'galvafroid'. These were bolted back in after priming the timber edges using the original screws which are stainless M8 countersink - a clue that this little boat is not as old as she looks.
I intend to fit an inwale to the insides of the full-height timbers and this is a change to her original construction. In preparation for this I am fitting sections of timber between the ribs in way of the thwarts, the rowlock positions and at the vessel's ends.
Thwart refitted and fastened - This is mid ships port side.
Short sections of timber glued between ribs to make a solid inwale. Here is port side mid ships rowlock position.