Monday, 26 September 2016

Small Clinker Boat Restoration is homeless...

...or more correctly, 'shed-less'.  The owner of the shed that I had been using announced that he wanted his shed back to store some of his growing collection of enormous 1960s American cars.  After a brief pause whilst he checked that they would actually fit through the door....!!! I then had to move all my unfinished projects, tools and timber out.  I have the temporary use of a nearby field so everything is now outside underneath poly-tarps.
So now looking for a shed to rent somewhere in South Pembrokeshire or possibly to attempt to apply for planning permission to put a shed up on the field that I am using for storage - it is currently grazing land that has not been occupied for about ten years.
Working on any of these has now become difficult and slow thanks to the rain and the evenings drawing in.

Two unfinished Redwings and 'Nanw' now standing outside in the corner of a field.