Tuesday, 19 April 2016

A small repair to a Finesse 24 yacht

Progress in the shed has been slow this spring as I have been devoting most of my spare hours to getting the Finesse 24 'Enfys' ready for the water, this spring.  Stripping off the old bottom paint and other maintenance has been taking up most of my free time.  Here is one job that I had to do as a result of a collision last summer whilst she was on her mooring; the port top corner of the transom had the capping split open leaving the edge of the deck sheathing exposed.  I cut back the capping and fashioned a repair section in an offcut of Iroko and despite the cool weather, got the epoxy to cure. The repair will get new varnish when I do a general 'scratch-and-patch' job around the upper works as part of the spring maintenance.  The cab sides and uppers are OK for another season and may get a strip back next year as the finishes are over 5 years old now.

A new section of capping cut and scarfed to port quarter of transom
Glued and screwed. The 'cross-head' stainless screws are ugly but will be stopped over before varnish.
The owner of the boat that struck 'Enfys' will be billed for this repair.