Friday, 24 July 2015

All new timbers in place

Finally I have steamed and bent in all the replacement timbers into Nanw. All the thwarts were removed and replaced with spalls to hold the sides together and, in the bow, to hold the sides apart as she wants to close in due to the pressure from the new planks and battens. The ribs in the bow were more difficult to fit than expected, due to quite a lot of twist needed to make them lie against the lands and they may have benefited from being 'hot-nailed' in place as soon as they were bent, to make them stay put.
I surprised myself by not breaking any of the new ribs in the process of fitting them. Therefore about 8 or so left over which I hope to use in another boat very soon before they dry out.
There is a bit of nailing up still to be done before the temporary G-clamps can be removed finally. A really worthwhile job was stripping, sanding and priming the inside of the hull as the old ribs were torn out. Once the job is all painted the boat will look like a new one - inside at least!
Priming the fore peak. She was closing in without the foreward thwart.
All new timbers finally fitted - just need fastening now.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

More on timbering

We have been making steady progress with re-timbering Nanw. It was decided to take out 'batches' of timbers in sections and to date the mid ships and forward areas has been done and re-fastened to just below sheer strake level. We have just steamed another six in place aft of the after thwart so she is done to the transom. Progress is a bit faltering as I have to 'borrow' helpers to do the nailing.
The virgin timber is wrapped up in polythene and damp towels to prevent it drying out but it cannot stay like that forever, obviously, and the new wood is blackening with mould.
One job I have been able to do on my own to follow up the main nailing is to make and insert wedges between the timbers and the upper strakes to support them for when the inwale is eventually fastened through. Originally the timbers stopped short under the inwale timber which was fastened to the walestrake and knees only. I have decided to give her an open 'box' type gunwale with the timbers finishing flush with the sheer - a stronger and lighter arrangement.
Wedges fitted behind timbers. Black spots are from the clamps and will be hidden eventually.

After section of the boat cleaned out ready for timbering