Monday, 3 April 2017

A new (temporary) home

Clinker Boat has been busy doing some much needed overhaul work on the Finesse's machinery and small boat works had been on hold due to lack of anywhere under cover to work.
However at the start of 2017 we managed to negotiate the use of a storage shed adjacent to the slipway in Tenby harbour.  It is a bit basic, dark, underground (beneath the owner's garden) with a narrow doorway and constant dripping water, but will do for now to get our Redwing's varnish touched-up for the season. A tent will be rigged inside to keep the dripping water off. Any major repair or construction work is probably not possible owing to the lack of any flat surface, means of generating power and the narrow doors.
Stone shed access way

Just enough room for two Redwings. Uneven earth floor has to be seen to be believed.