Saturday, 29 August 2015

Fitting stringers and thwarts

Now that all the new ribs/timbers are fitted and fastened I turned my attention to fitting new stringers (sometimes called 'risers') at thwart level. The existing thwarts were bolted back into place with their galvanised iron knees and the new stringers sprung and wedged into place and then fastened trying to pick up existing fastening holes where possible. The after thwart was a non-original and over thick piece of softwood and some new Iroko is on order to make a new one to match the two other hardwood items.
Existing thwarts re-fitted and new stringers fastened in.
New stringers replaced originals that were in various short sections.

Friday, 21 August 2015

A Redwing undergoing a re-fit

A Redwing sailing friend has been busy locally doing a major refit on a 1952 Dann-built Redwing, 'Pegasus' that had been laid up in his barn for many, many years after he rescued her from deterioration outdoors after previous owners had lost interest. 'Pegasus' was in need of a new deck, new ribs, various other minor repairs and a few updates like the retrofitting of Centreplate case stiffeners and provision of transom ports.
Typical of old Redwings is the failure of glue joints in the deck beams, carlings and other deck/framing joints and here 'Pegasus' has been meticulously re-glued. Her owner is a professional bespoke wooden furniture maker and the quality of his workmanship is top-notch.  He was at the re-ribbing stage here and I have been lending a hand to fasten new frames.  Ash has been used here but being a bit dry before steaming necessitated a prolonged soaking in the pond before going into the steamer.
New ribs going in - doing this without the deck makes the job a whole lot easier!

She needs a complete strip and re-varnish job.

New main sheet horse and transom drains now cut.

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Timber fastening progressing

We have now got all the new frames/ribs/timbers fastened in place apart from the timber heads which will be done when the new inwales are worked into the boat. When the new timber has had a chance to completely dry they will be give a soaking with wood preservative prior to painting to (hopefully) prolong their life this time.
New timbers fastened. The missing ones are where there are still other repairs required to the skin planking.