Sunday, 27 December 2015

Repairing bottom planking 2

Once scarfs had been cut on the ends of the undamaged planks a new length of timber was marked and shaped to suit. The lower edge of this run of plank (second strake from the keel) is almost ruler-straight and took very little working. Matching scarfs were marked and then planed on the bench.  This was done a lot faster than cutting those in the boat. Lastly, the bevel of the land was transferred to the upper edge of the new plank and planed. Again, because this section is in the bottom of the boat there is only a tiny angle to the land. The scarfs on the boat were gently wedged open and the plank was slipped into place, ready for fastening. I then turned my attention to making new sections to replace the damaged strakes on the other side as I will have to borrow someone to help with the nailing again.
New section of plank shaped and fitted, ready for fastening.