Thursday, 5 March 2015

Fitting the starboard walestrake

With a bevel planed on the lower strake and the 'geralds' cut and checked the top starboard strake was fastened in place. It was glued at the stem rabbet (hood end) and also at the transom. The original planks had been fastened at the hood ends with bronze 'grip-fast' type nails but I chose to use stainless steel and some silicon bronze wood screws here instead as some of the original fastening holes were picked up by the screws.
As with the lower plank, fastenings through the old ribs have been omitted for now as they are all to be replaced as are the inwales. I have clamped and temporarily fixed two cross-spalls to hold the sides of the boat together till the rest of the repairs are completed. Both middle and after thwarts are just perched in place and no longer fastened to anything at the moment.

Topside planking repairs completed - starboard side
Simple cross-spalls hold sides of boat
Topside planks now fastened - starboard side

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