Sunday, 22 February 2015

Bevelling the land for the next strake

The 'land' on the upper, outer edge of the new strake has to be bevelled so that the walestrake would fit at the correct angle all around the boat. On Nanw the strake sits at the same angle as the strake below from the bow till just before the mid ships point whereupon it angles inboard to give her some tumblehome before running out to the transom. I had laid the remains of the old strake along the boat to use as a guide and made the little bevel gauge (shown below) to help transfer the bevel from old strake to new as I planed it.  I had already used a marking gauge to scribe a line showing the width of the land onto the new plank.  On this boat the existing lands appear to be 7/8" wide - i.e. Twice the planking thickness.  I understand that this can vary and each builder may have a different 'rule-of-thumb' but as a restorer I chose to copy the dimensions from the existing strake.
Simple little bevel gauge used to transfer bevels from old strake
Scribing gauge made to mark width of land - 7/8"

Bevel planed to edge of plank to act as 'land' for the next strake

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  1. Nice blog!
    I was wondering if you could explain how to use your little bevel gauge.