Sunday, 26 April 2015

Preparing 'Nanw' for re-timbering

'Nanw' our 15' clinker pulling boat has not got one un-decayed or damaged timber (rib or frame) in her.  Her frames are at 6" centres and are of 1-1/8" by 5/8" oak. I noticed when I was stripping her out that there is little or no paint under the floor boards (burden-boards), and this, plus being always out in the open and filling with rain, had probably lead to the demise of her frames.
There are 29 timbers in total from transom to stem and some suitable new unseasoned timber is on order.  Whilst awaiting delivery I have removed six of the longest frames in the mid-ships area and cleaned and primed the inside in readiness. I have fitted temporary battens around the outside at gunwale level and removed the local sections of inwale to allow the new frames to run out each side and to provide something to clamp them to as it is intended to steam-bend and then cold fix the frames later. The unpainted patches are where there is damaged bottom planking that will be repaired later when the boat has been re-timbered and strong enough to be safely turned upside down.
Removing old frames by sawing and splitting.
Inside cleaned out and primed in way of six of the mid ships frames.

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