Saturday, 4 April 2015

Redwing 'Pintail' spring preparations

With the 2015 sailing season fast-approaching we broke off from working on Nanw the 15' clinker rowing boat to do some fettling work on Pintail our National Redwing dinghy that we enjoy sailing a couple of times a week during the summer.
Having the use of the shed has made looking after the boat much easier and she only needs a good clean and a bit of varnish touching up - 'scratch and patch' - mainly inside on the edges of the thwarts and coamings where there is wear and tear. After that the buoyancy bags needed re-inflating and the rigging and mast checking over.  Nowadays the Redwings have modern alloy spars as standard and these match the powerful sails very well.  Wooden spars are an option still in the class but we gave Pintail alloy spars when she was built in 1989 and they are still good today with minimal maintenance.
Although she is now over twenty five years old Pintail remains tight and completely free of leaks despite being 'dry-sailed'.  I must admit to liking an all-over varnish finish as it gives a 'window into the wood' to monitor the health of the timber and fastenings. On Pintail there is the typical staining of her Agba planking around the fastenings caused by gradual oxidisation of the copper. However it is normally the rove on the inside that will eventually give way - but so far Pintail is OK here.
Pintail on her trailer and ready to go down to the harbour.
Pintail's varnish patched up and buoyancy refitted.

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