Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Assessing what work needs to be done on Nanw

After moving Nanw into the shed and unloading her from the trailer she was lifted onto a flat level strong back and braced to the shed's roof.

I had already given the boat a good assessment for the work required; which is mainly replacement of decayed timber and basically it is as follows:
Replacement of both port and starboard walestrakes
Replacement of second strake down on starboard side - this had been replaced in mahogany at some time with the inevitable fresh water rot.
Complete re-timbering (re-framing).

Firstly the starboard walestrake was removed.  The bodged nature of the previous repairs beggared belief- this plank was made up of five separate lengths of builder's merchant softwood butted together and fastened with the odd screw!

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