Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Scarphing in a new section of plank

Before I could make and fit the next new strake I had to repair a short section of the next plank down, starboard side aft. A previous repair had been done here all butt-jointed, silicone and brass screws - driven from the inside! I cut back to good timber and planed and chiselled a scarf each end and fashioned a replacement section which was glued at the scarfs and nailed in place. Luckily the repair is in way of the end of the after thwart and the new piece was sprung around it to give a fair curve.
Scarf glued and clamped- fastenings were added later

New section fitted - end of thwart gave a point to spring it into place.

Once the repair had been completed I marked the width of the land for the next plank and planed the bevel for the land.
Bevel planed on new section for landing of next plank

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